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Meet Our Team


Brittany Read

Executive Director & CEO

Brittany is a 2016 RCSD Grad (Joseph C. Wilson) and 2020 Graduate of Howard University where she received her B.A. in Strategic, Legal, and Management Communications. While visiting home on breaks, Brittany hosted college prep programs and participated on college focused panels. After graduating from Howard, Brittany pursued an A.M. in Social Work, Social Policy, and Practice at the University of Chicago where she graduated in June of 2022.


Adante Seay, M. Ed.

Assistant Director 

Adante is 2016 graduate of Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School. In 2020, Adante received his B.S. in Psychology from the Rochester Institute of Technology. In May 2022, Adante obtained his Masters in School Psychology from RIT and currently works as a Certified School Psychologist for students in the Rochester City School District.

Team: Team

Board of Directors

Jianna Howard | Academic Success Coordinator, SUNY Brockport
Tosin Femi-Lawal | Junior Engineer, Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.
Taelor Jackson | VP, Panther Graphics
Natasha Morrison | M.K. Gandhi Institute for Non-violence

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Raise the Bar with Us!

We're looking for young professional volunteers to serve on our committees and help us raise the bar. If you're interested, please send us an email with your resume letting us know where you'd like to help!

Finance Committee

Is responsible for ensuring the financial records of the organization are kept accurate and complete. We communicate an effective and accurate understanding of the organization’s finances and implement proper accounting policies and procedures, and incorporate internal controls. We must comply with the federal, state and any other reporting requirements that are mandated. Ensuring we do so maintains the organization's tax status, eligibility for grants and other helpful contributions.

Fundraising Committee

Is responsible for securing financial resources to support the mission, values, and programs of RTB. The committee will work closely with the organization's leadership and program staff to identify funding needs, set fundraising goals, and develop strategies to reach those goals. The committee members will be responsible for researching potential funding sources, creating fundraising campaigns, and engaging in outreach activities to build relationships with donors and sponsors. The committee also manages the donation process and creates stewardship plans that cultivate ongoing relationships with donors. Overall, we will play a critical role in ensuring the financial sustainability of RTB and its ability to execute its mission.

Recruitment & Community Relations Committee

Is responsible for cultivating strong, impactful, reliable, and opportunity yielding relationships with different organizations and individuals which is critical to our mission. We hope to foster these relationships by participating in community and school fair events searching for the people eager to raise the bar. We also host recruitment events and programs for students and young professional volunteers. We are responsible for creating the outreach system that enables us to do that and convey our overall mission and vision to the broader community.

Program & Evaluation Committee

Is responsible for developing, facilitating, and evaluating our program quality and effectiveness. The PE committee will also conduct and create evaluation materials/tools including surveys, questionnaires and provide analysis of results. Overall, they observe and oversee program administration and efficiency to ensure uniformity and consistency across the organization.

Team: Services
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