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Bar Raisers Fellowships

The Bar Raisers Fellowship Program is a selective, 3 year intensive leadership development program that provides robust college and career readiness programs and prioritizes high school success. Starting in the 10th grade, fellows will participate in a series of educational and developmental workshops, career exploration exercises, and college visits to prepare for life after high school graduation. They will also attend monthly meetings and have bi-weekly check-ins with their mirror mentor. 

23-24 Pilot Program

For the pilot year of this program, there will be a mixed-grade cohort of 10 students. The purpose of having the first cohort be a mixed cohort is so that we can examine the full effect of peer-mentorship within the program.


  • Student in the 10th-12th grade

  • Available for Saturday meetings (times vary, usually mornings)

  • Monroe County Resident

  • Interest in college/careers

Application Timeline

September 5th: Application Opens 

September 30th: Application Closes

October 1st-7th: Application Review

October 14th: Fellow Orientation (mandatory if selected)

BAR Raisers Fellowship: Projects
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